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• Airport Tarmac/Runway
• Cooling Platform
• Factory
• Loading Dock
• Medical/ Educational Facilities
• Parking lot / Parking Structure
• Restaurant
• Private/Public Access Roads
• Stadium/ Hall
• Warehouse

  • Typically 50% or more savings over replacement
  • No need to reroute traffic
  • Significant reduction in down  time


A1 Concrete Leveling is a low cost solution to concrete repair issues.  Choosing leveling over replacing significantly decreases down time:  most projects are completed in hours instead of days and the surface is ready for use upon completion.   Along with the tangible savings achieved from selecting concrete leveling which are typically 50% or more, additional costs savings can be realized.

  • No demolition and removal costs
  • Significant reduction in down time
  • No landscaping costs
Warehouse / Loading Docks
Large equipment, heavy traffic or large pour areas often suffer from slab curl resulting in heaving or fractured concrete.  A 1Concrete Leveling repairs the damage, stops the movement and levels the surface by filling the void underneath the curled edges.

Water Main / Sewer
Most sub base voids under streets can be repaired through void filling by A 1 Concrete Leveling including those caused by water main breaks. 

Public / Private Traffic Areas, Runways
Traffic need only be rerouted around the actual repair area. There is no demolition time, no new concrete pouring or curing time.  Upon completion the surface is ready to use and traffic flow resumed.

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From sidewalks to stadiums A 1 Concrete Leveling provides exceptional quality and long-term solutions to concrete issues in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Our vision is to be the first choice for concrete repair solutions in the Richmond area by continuing to focus on quality service, quick response time and unsurpassed customer service.